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Coffees & Products

Van Houtte offers an impressive variety of coffees, beverages and products for your office or workplace coffee station. Here are a few highlights from our catalogue for your browsing pleasure.

Brands and products vary per region. Ask us for a catalogue of what’s available in your area.

Coffees: We offer over 60 varieties under Van Houtte and other brands : Adagio, Orient Express & Promenade.

Teas & more hot beverages: Our partnership with the Bigelow Tea Company allows us to offer a great selection of teas in both regular and K-Cup® pack formats. Also available: hot chocolate.

Cold & iced beverages: Iced coffees and teas, frozen beverages, bottled beverages and sodas. Also, discover Van Houtte’s exclusive line of filtered drinking water systems: Source H2O .

Beverage condiments: A variety of sweeteners, creamers and flavoured aromas for a cup of coffee like you enjoy it.

Cups, paper products & accessories: Over 1,000 SKUs of cups and accessories to meet your every coffee and beverage station need.

Snacks: Sweet, salty or savoury, our snack food program can be a handy supply of energy when it’s needed most.