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Our filtered coffees

We still roast our coffees using the traditional small batch technique and recipes of our founder, Albert-Louis Van Houtte. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of filtered coffees with enticing aromas and tastes.

Always available in our café-bistros:

  • Bistro 1919 Blend Fair Trade – Velvety & Woodsy
  • Colombia Fair Trade - Bold & Fruity
  • Vanilla Hazelnut Fair Trade
  • Swiss Water Process Fair Trade Organic Decaf – Mellow & Woodsy

Here is the complete list of filtered Fairtrade certified coffees offered in our café-bistros on a rotating basis – depending on the barista’s mood!

Classic Collection

  • Bistro 1919 Blend Fair Trade – Velvety & Woodsy
  • Africana Fair Trade Organic - Velvety & Fruity

Single Origin Collection

  • Colombia Fair Trade – Bold & Fruity
  • Sumatra Fair Trade – Bold & Woodsy

Fair Trade Organic Collection

  • Swiss Water Process Fair Trade Organic Decaf – Mellow & Woodsy

Flavoured Collection

  • Crème Brûlée
  • Hazelnut Vanilla Fair Trade