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Executive team

A strong track record of leadership.

Our executive team is made up of senior executives with strong relationships and extensive experience in the coffee industry, as well as in brand management, marketing, retailing, operations and finance.

Executive Team

Sylvain Toutant, President

Corporate Management Team

Jean-Olivier Boucher, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Robert Dalcourt, Vice President, Finance
Marc Macdonald, Vice President, Human Resources
Alberto Mouron, Vice President, Information Technology
Isabelle Pasquet-Geairon, Vice President, Marketing

Retail and Roasting

Jean-Daniel Gervais, Vice-President, Sales At Home
Stéphanie Glorieux, Vice President, Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Coffee Services – Canada

François de l’Étoile, Vice President, Café-bistros Division and Van Houtte Coffee Services – Eastern Region
Rob Mann, Senior Vice President, Coffee Services – Western Region
Morten Schroder, Vice President, Coffee Services – Pacific Region

Coffeemaker Manufacturing and Research & Development (VKI Technologies Inc.)

Angelo Mottillo, Executive Vice President – VKI Technologies Inc.