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Building on strong heritage, the Van Houtte brand is growing in every way. Discover our brand and our promise to you.
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The Van Houtte brand embodies over 90 years of history  and coffee expertise, and now enjoys high consumer awareness and appreciation as Canada’s top-selling premium brand.

Research shows our brand to be associated in people’s minds with attributes of high quality, great variety, gourmet and coffee expertise.
As a result, it is also seen as a brand people trust.

Regarding taste, blind tests among consumers show Van Houtte espresso is preferred over leading international espresso brands. These results are corroborated by the International Taste and Quality Institute , whose jury, composed of highly qualified Chefs and Sommeliers, awarded the Remarkable Product mention – two stars! – to both Van Houtte’s Espresso Superiore  and Bistro 1919 Blend. No other coffee product has received a higher grade, positioning Van Houtte once again as a leader in terms of quality and refined taste.

Expanding steadily in both office coffee and with coffee stations in retailers such as Chevron and Kroger, the Van Houtte brand is gaining recognition and fans in the US. The beauty of our brand is in its multi-channel nature. From café-bistros to workplaces, from grocery retail sales to online sales, and coffee stations in many kinds of retail and public places, all of our activities feed one another and enrich each of the coffee experiences we offer, for the benefit of our clients and coffee fans alike.

Discover our brand promise to you .