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Van Houtte at a glance

Van Houtte is engaging North America in expanding the coffee experience.
Van Houtte at a glance

A timeless picture: a traditional coffee house, beans slowly roasting under the attentive eyes of a master roaster. Van Houtte has been doing it like this for close to a century  now and has become the North American leader in European-style small-batch coffee roasting.

Yet our master roasters have not remained stuck in tradition. They’ve been hard at work, perfecting innovations such as the Coffee Profiles  to help coffee lovers develop and explore their palates, and broaden their coffee culture.

With the widest range of premium coffees, Van Houtte has become the number one premium coffee brand in Canada. We also proudly claim the largest office coffee network across North America, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment we manufacture and distribute. In homes, workplaces and through our design-forward café-bistros and coffee bars located in stores, restaurants, hotels, colleges and elsewhere, Van Houtte is proud to offer superior-tasting coffee.