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  • Your favourite chocolate is:

    Your chocolate preference indicates your smoothness appreciation. Bitter flavours dominate in a piece of refined dark chocolate and BOLD coffees ♦ the balanced flavours of silky milk chocolate are associated with VELVETY coffees ♦ mild white chocolate and MELLOW coffees both feature sweet flavours.

  • Your favourite wine is:

    Your ideal glass of wine shows your enjoyment of a certain mouthfeel. The Cabernet and BOLD coffees both showcase an intense and fuller body ♦ the Merlot and VELVETY coffees offer a moderate intensity and a round, full body ♦ the Riesling white wine’s light body has no aftertaste, just like MELLOW coffees.

  • You enjoy your steak:

    Your desired steak wellness defines the intensity level you search for. The caramelized or even burnt flavours of a well done steak can also be found in BOLD coffees ♦ the hint of acidity and less intense flavours are typical of a medium-rare steak and VELVETY coffees ♦ the sweet flavours and pleasant acidity of a rare steak can also be enjoyed in MELLOW coffees.

  • On your morning toast,
    you prefer:

    Your choice unveils your penchant for the jam’s succulent taste of berries and baked fruits, also characteristic of FRUITY coffees ♦ or for the creamy hazelnut spread’s earthy taste of nuts, present in WOODSY coffees as well.

  • When you have cheese for a snack, you pair it with:

    Your preferred combination reveals your fondness for the taste of fresh fruits and their sweet acidity, reminiscent of FRUITY coffees ♦ or for the salty taste of cereal and grain crackers highlighted in WOODSY coffees.

  • For dessert, you'd
    indulge in:

    By selecting a luscious lemon meringue pie, you express your preference for a pronounced acidity and sweet flavours also displayed in FRUITY coffees. If you are a chocolate mousse lover, you will come across its rich cocoa notes in WOODSY coffees.

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