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Watching the passers-by stroll down St. Mark’s Square in the heart of Venice. Soaking up the sun on a cozy terrace in Rome. Window-shopping for Italian fashion in Milan. Whether it’s a latte in the morning or an after-dinner allongé, the Espresso Collection invites you to both a savoury experience and an incredible journey.

Uncover the subtle nuances between sophisticated, elegant and modern Italian-inspired espresso blends. Their rich and satisfying tastes will delight even the most refined connoisseur.

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Coffees in this collection

  • Espresso Classico - Dark Roast

    Coffee Profile: Bold & Fruity
    Description: Americano and caffè latte lovers will appreciate the very bold and slighlty fruity flavour of this blend, as well as its caramelized notes and pleasant mouth feel.

    These coffees reveal floral and herbal notes on top of a rich, full-bodied taste. They are the darkest and most tempestuous of the fruity coffees with their luxurious aromas, and flavours that are evocative of citrus or berries. Epicurean palates appreciate their depth and complexity.
  • Espresso Superiore - Dark Roast

    Coffee Profile: Bold & Woodsy
    Description: This espresso has a robust and tasty flavour, slightly bitter, with woodsy notes and an intense body. Delectable as an Americano and exquisite as a base for your favourite specialty beverages.

    These coffees are full-bodied and deliciously intense. They offer notes of spices and cocoa with smoky tones, and sometimes even dusky hints of the forest floor. Their rich aromas are reminiscent of caramel, toasted bread or nuts. They awake the senses and stir up the passions.
  • Espresso Riserva - Medium Roast

    Coffee Profile: Velvety & Fruity
    Description: The vivacious and lightly fruity acidity, the discreet bitterness and the round lingering body of this coffee will conquer the heart of short espresso, cappuccino and latte drinkers.

    These well-balanced coffees showcase a supple body with the perfect harmony between sweetness and tartness. With flavours of berries and citrus, and floral notes in the aroma, these coffees suggest a lively composition in every cup and a warm brightness on the palate of those who enjoy a fine roast.
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