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Reward Program

Get 10% off on all your purchases when you shop online at

When you accumulate $200 in purchases at, a 10% discount while be applied automatically on all your next online orders.

Former Club Javanation members will automatically obtain the 10% discount on all their purchases at


  • No subscription or usage fees. Simply create an account and order online at
  • The amount of your purchases will automatically add up in your account, allowing you to see it at any time.
  • Only non-taxable products are calculated in the total amount of purchase (excluding brewing systems and accessories).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe to the Reward Program?

To get a discount on coffee, tea and beverage products.

How do I subscribe to the Reward Program? 

Subscribe (it’s free!) and order online at

Do I have to pay subscription fees to benefit from the Reward Program?

No. When you order online at, you are automatically subscribed to the Reward Program without any charge.

Can a discount be applied on taxable products?

No. The discount is only applicable on non-taxable products (coffee, tea and beverage products).

How can I check my status?

Log-in to your account to get an update on your total amount of purchase.

When will my discount be applied?

As soon as you meet the required amount of purchase, the 10% discount will be automatically applied to your next purchase (excluding the purchase of brewing systems and accessories).

I am a Club Javanation member. Will I loose my status and privileges?

Club Javanation members who had reached a discount level will automatically receive 10% on all their purchases at

Can my in-store purchases be calculated in my total amount of purchase and used in the Reward Program?

No. The Reward Program is offered uniquely for customers.

Policies, regulations, procedures, and discounts on this website are subject to change without prior notice.