Celebrate the Holidays with Van Houtte

New favourites and classics

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Celebrate the Holidays with
Van Houtte®

new favourites and classics.

Experience a century of European roasting tradition and embrace Van Houtte®’s seasonal flavours.

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Countdown to the holidays

with tips, tricks, and recipes

Each day of December, we’ll provide you with ways to fill your winter with holiday cheer.
Check back every day!


Cook Up Canadian Classics

This season, impress your guests with holiday classics from the kitchen. Our easy-to-follow videos will walk you through the recipes!

Van Houtte® presents the sounds of the season

Experience every nuance of the Holidays on one timeless Spotify playlist, chosen just for you and your special moments.

Van Houtte® Master Roaster

Van Houtte® partakes of a tradition of roasting and blending coffee that dates back to 1919. True to that heritage, we employ time-honoured European crafting methods to create outstanding taste every time. Discover the process.

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