How to host a classic holiday party

You know the best thing about holiday celebrations of yore? Their simplicity. When we think “classic Christmas”, we think of a tastefully natural tree, tantalizing aromas wafting from the kitchen and good laughs with family and friends. Really, it’s all about creating memorable moments—not putting on a show with an 11-course meal and a mountain on un-needed gifts! So let’s wind back the clock. This year, we’re celebrating a classic Christmas, thanks to these five easy tips.

1. Think small.
You may be tempted to host everyone whose company you enjoy (your friends, their sisters, the neighbours and your babysitter), but keeping it small is the best way to focus on special moments with loved ones. Instead, show your love by hand-delivering a homemade gift like fresh-baked Nanaimo bars  to everyone but your 8-10 guests.

2. Go natural.
From the tree to the decorations, foregoing modern conveniences is worth it to create the right atmosphere. Go out and select the perfect natural tree. (Sneak peek: we’ll show you how in a couple of days.) Decorate your mantle, table tops and window ledges with natural pine cuttings. Create garlands out of stringed popcorn and fresh cranberries, and keep Christmas lights white and small. Set beautiful bowls full of seasonal clementines around the house. Can you smell the holiday spirit already?

3. Cook comfortable classics—with a twist.
Keep the stress low and the delight high by cooking recipes that are simple and clear, and put a twist on classics. We’ve got dozens of suggestions for you , with more coming all month.

4. Pick a playlist.
To set the tone for a low-key, classical holiday gathering full of twinkly laughter and magical moments, the right soundtrack is key. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Just click here and sit back.

5. Plan entertainment.
After a big meal, it’s always tempting to sink into a comfy couch. Instead, try to extend the fun together-time by suggesting a game of holiday charades—the classic game, but with a holiday theme. Laughs guaranteed!

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