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Ever thought of cooking with coffee? Try Van Houtte® products to add a unique touch to your favourite dishes.


Stuffed Turkey Breast

Looking for a Christmas recipe that’s sure to impress? You need to try the stuffing in this stuffed turkey breast recipe — it’s packed with a surprising, delicious flavour that will keep your holiday guests guessing. The secret je ne sais quoi? Van Houtte® Honduras San Luis Planes Signature Coffee. Yes, really! This coffee recipe will open your eyes to the amazing things you can do with brew.

Tiramisu yule log recipes large

Tiramisu yule log

The Yule log is a classic Christmas dessert recipe. We add a tasty twist to the festive favourite by infusing it with tiramisu flavour. Our tiramisu Yule log recipe has Van Houtte® Colombian light instant coffee baked into the cake and is topped with Van Houtte® Crème Brûlée Coffee syrup. With this coffee recipe, you can have your cake — and brew too!

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