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Just like with any fine wine, spirit or chocolate, coffee should tell a story through its distinct notes and aromas. From sweetness and bitterness to fruitiness, acidity and umami, your morning cup of coffee has the potential to open up your taste buds to a whole world of flavour – if you know what to look for when coffee tasting. Coffee has one of the most complex flavour profiles of any food known to man – with over 800 flavour compounds, more than double that of wine. In fact, each bean is uniquely delicious in its own way. Depending on the soil it was cultivated in, what region of the earth it came from, its unique bean variety, how it was harvested and the process with which it was dried, roasted and brewed, no two cups of coffee should taste the same. 

At Van Houtte, we believe in starting with only the best. Our Anniversary Blend combines the deep woodsy notes of dark roast coffee with the brightness of a light roast, made from only the finest beans chosen by our Master Roaster.

To help us celebrate Van Houtte®’s 100th birthday, delight your palate and experience this landmark blend like a Master Roaster would perform coffee cupping, looking out for these top notes in our Anniversary Blend:

1. Dark chocolate
Who doesn’t want to conjure the satisfying flavour of dark chocolate in their cup of coffee? Look out for this rich note, common in dark blends, and you may just find hints of everyone’s favourite after-dinner treat in your morning brew.

2. Roasted nuts.
Another hallmark of a high-quality dark blend, nutty notes tend to result from the roasting process. Take a sip and see what the blend tastes like to you, be it cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds.

3. Rich fruit
Fruit may not be the first note to come to mind when sipping a cup of joe, but this flavour nuance is unmissable once you start looking for it. Watch for the tang of citrus, the sweetness of cherries or the brightness of berries, the perfect foil to the richer, rounder notes of roasted nuts and dark chocolate.

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