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Coffee Artistry

Last Stretch Survival Tips

The holiday break is mere days away… but the mountain of last-minute work you need to climb is high. Here are three simple tips that can help you survive the last stretch!

1. Clean-up workspace clutter.
Come into one an hour early every day this week so you can take the time to savour your morning coffee and put some order in into your physical space. A clean space means an uncluttered mind and a fresh perspective on what REALLY needs to be done now—and what can wait until the New Year, when you’ll return to a lovely clean desk.

2. Breathe.
Take multiple breaks a day to simply stop and take a deep, extended breath. It's an instant de-stresser and thought-sparker.

3. Go to bed. Now.
The next 10 days will be filled with non-stop celebrating. Get as much shut-eye as you can this week—that means decaf after 3 pm! It’ll make you more efficient at your desk and for last-minute holiday preparations.