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Coffee Artistry

Maple time is coffee time!

So many things go better with coffee. But one coffee definitely does not fit all! Our coffee experts say it’s largely a matter of taste, but they do take care to roast varieties that pair better with some foods. Here are some of their suggestions for maple season.

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Sweet pie meets earthy coffee

It’s the sweetest time of year, and when the maple sap flows, it’s time to pull out your family’s traditional recipes. 

And if maple sugar pie is one, our coffee experts recommend pairing it with our Honduras San Luis Planes coffee. Grown in the highlands of Honduras, the hints of caramel,

 toasty aroma and generous earthy notes, come together to bring out all the mapleness of that sweet pie your family has been making for generations.

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Maple pudding loves exotic coffee

Is there a more Canadian maple tradition than maple pudding? When the maples are flowing, families gather to celebrate the arrival of Spring and this classic dessert is a favourite of young and old alike. 


Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for added sweetness. And when it comes to pairing it with the perfect coffee, our roasters suggest our Costa Rica coffee, an exotic choice that offers a lusciously light, honey flavour and lively bright quality. 

In fact, it is this sweet lightness that really brings out all the layers of flavours in maple pudding. It’s the ideal comfort combo, sure to brighten your day!

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Do pinwheels for our Original House Blend coffee

They’re cute, they’re fun to eat and they go great with coffee. What’s not to like about maple pinwheels? 

This not-so-fancy but oh-so-delicious dessert, made with flaky pastry and maple syrup, is a real delight. Pair it with our Original House Blend coffee for a combination of contrasting flavours. 

The coffee’s intrepid woodsy notes combines the lively quality of light roast coffee and the rich woodsy notes of dark roast coffee, which balances the lightness of the pastry, making it a treat for adventurous palates.