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Van Houtte® and Fairtrade Coffee: A 20-Year Sustainable Relationship

The relationship between Van Houtte® and coffee producers is both valuable and vital. It helps increase coffee farmers’ resiliency from a social, environmental and financial standpoint, so quality coffee can be enjoyed for generations to come. That’s why Van Houtte® is proud to have partnered with Montaña Verde, a cooperative of coffee producers based in San Luis Planes, Honduras, for nearly 20 years.
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The mission of Van Van Houtte®’s Signature Collection is to offer Canadians a varied choice of rich, flavourful and Fairtrade-certified coffees. A choice that will also have a positive and sustainable impact on those coffee communities.

Fairtrade, the foundation for Montaña Verde’s growth

Since 2001, Van Houtte® has partnered with coffee producers from San Luis Planes to bring our consumers delicious coffee and improve the lives of the farmers producing it. As part of those efforts, Van Houtte® supported the community to form the Montaña Verde cooperative and obtain their Fairtrade certification. Fairtrade supports these farmers to achieve social and environmental standards, ensures a minimum price for their coffee and provides a community development fund that empowers the community to tackle their greatest needs. With the Fairtrade premium that the Montaña Verde cooperative has been receiving from Van Houtte® over the years, they have become a stronger organization with the ability to take concrete actions to improve productivity, protect the environment and develop livelihood projects that benefit the entire community.

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Invaluable support from SOCODEVI and Root Capital

Beyond supporting the cooperative through our Fairtrade purchases, we have assisted the Montaña Verde cooperative through our supply chain grants. For example, in collaboration with the international development agency SOCODEVI, we’ve helped increase food security for hundreds of families from this small community. In addition, in collaboration with the nonprofit agricultural lender Root Capital, we’ve helped improve the financial management of the cooperative and access to financing for its members.

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From the field to the grocery store

Over the years, we have sent employees on source trips to spend time with and learn from the San Luis Planes community. These Honduran coffee farmers have also visited us in Canada multiple times, to see our traditional roasting method and enjoy the pride of seeing “their” coffee on grocery store shelves.

Van Houtte® is pleased to contribute to the livelihoods of small-scale coffee producers with every sip. When you choose Honduras San Luis Planes coffee from Van Houtte®, you are helping to create a more sustainable future for the local community while savouring one of its treasures: a single-origin coffee with notes of caramel and toast. Discover its great taste here: Van Houtte® Honduras San Luis Planes Coffee in recyclable K-Cup® pods.
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