A perfectly balanced coffee

Part of Albert-Louis Van Houtte’s passion for his art came from listening to his customers. And it was to give them what they wanted that, almost a century ago, he created our most popular coffee to this day: the Original House Blend.

How the adventure started

As a European immigrant, Albert-Louis Van Houtte did very well selling imported gourmet products from his store in Montréal. But our founder was first and foremost a coffee lover. In 1929, he took the train to New York city to purchase his very first coffee roaster. Back in Montreal, he immediately got to work, roasting his coffee good and dark. He quickly learned that these darker roasts weren’t quite what his customers expected… or at least that’s how it seemed.

Redefining coffee

In fact, Albert-Louis Van Houtte saw this as an opportunity to refine his coffee, an opportunity to invent something new. He began to experiment with different blends of dark and light roast beans, looking for a perfectly balanced coffee that everyone would love. And his customers became his first taste testers and trusted advisors. 

After many tests, Albert-Louis’ determination paid off. He had perfected the Original House Blend. An innovative blend that combined the velvety notes of a light roast and the woodsy notes of a dark roast in perfect harmony.

The innovation continues

Almost 90 years later, the tradition started by Albert-Louis Van Houtte continues. Van Houtte® now offers the Original House Blend, the House Blend Dark and the House Blend Decaf. In fact, the House Blend Dark is also now available in K-Cup® pods in our new variety pack, perfect for hosting friends and coffee lovers. They’ll be among the first to enjoy the House Blend Dark in a K-Cup® pod. Only available for a limited time!