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What is Cold Brew Coffee: The Masterful Art Behind a Refreshing Brew Method

Become your own cold brew master in the mid-summer heat with our Van Houtte® Cold Brew coffee maker. A well-balanced, cool and uplifting coffee beverage, cold brew offers maximum flavour nuances.  

The History of Cold Brew: A Centuries-Old Brew Method

While Van Houtte® offers an innovative cold brew system, this popular cold beverage is actually a centuries-old brew method with as rich a history as Van Houtte®.

The first evidence of true cold-brewed coffee can be traced back to the 1600s. Reputedly introduced to Japan by Dutch traders from Indonesia, the method was likely developed as a means for producing and transporting large quantities of coffee, which could later be reheated.

Japan developed the process into an artful craft, known today as Kyoto-style cold brew. Within a tower-like structure the coffee is extracted using a slow-drip method, resulting in a subtle and aromatic flavour.

Today, the Van Houtte® cold brew coffee maker gives you the power to become your own cold brew master. Enjoy this smooth, well-balanced coffee option at home or on the go!

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Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

While both methods offer refreshing flavour, there is one major difference: iced coffee is hot-brewed coffee that has been chilled and put on ice, whereas cold brew uses cold water from the very beginning. No ice required. By using no heat, it extracts even the subtlest flavours of a roast. With the Van Houtte® cold brew system, you can be your own cold brew master at home or on the go.

Simply steep 2-3 oz. of coarsely ground coffee with 3 cups of cold filtered water in the cold brew coffee maker for 12 to 24 hours. 

See how the Van Houtte® cold brew system creates the perfect brew here

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Captivating Cold Brew

Being your own cold brew coffee master comes with perks. Choose from a vast range of Van Houtte® blends to personalize your cold brew’s flavour. In our bundle, we’ve included a 340 g bag of Van Houtte® Colombian Medium Roast. We love how the cold brew process enhances its bold, fruity, and chocolaty flavour profile.

The portable nature of the Asobu® system allows you to steep, brew, and enjoy your Van Houtte® coffee cold anywhere you may need an uplifting burst in your day. No heat required. Just refreshing, flavourful, cold brew bliss. 

Become your own cold brew master and refresh your taste buds this summer. For the most versatile method of enjoying the diverse flavour nuances of Van Houtte® coffee, look no further than the Van Houtte® Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Indulge in the art of cold brew.