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What is the difference between bistros, Van Houtte Coffee Services and Van Houtte brand®?


In 1919, Albert-Louis Van Houtte opened his first fine grocery store in Montreal where he focused on his true passion: coffee.  Ever since, the know-how of this Master Roaster has continued to shine under the brand that bears his name.  With its rich, premium-quality coffee and European single-batch roasting process that draws out all of the flavours and aromas of the beans, the Van Houtte® brand offers coffee lovers a rich and satisfying experience with every cup.
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Our fifty or so café-bistros in Canada offer our clients the chance to savour regular or specialty coffees and delicious pastries, fresh salads, and sandwiches made on the spot. Forever true to the traditional small batch roasting technique and the original recipes handed down by our founder, Van Houtte café-bistros offer a wide variety of Fairtrade Certified coffees with unique aromas and flavours. As part of our 2015 “Ready-to-Eat” concept, over 50 recipes were carefully prepared and tested before being before being launched on the market. The final products were meticulously selected to serve our loyal customers only the best. We thought of everything to meet the changing needs of a society demanding quality food that can be eaten on the go. The mission of “Ready-to-Eat” Van Houtte café-bistros® is to create freshly made meals with all-natural ingredients.
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Van Houtte Coffee Services

As the main supplier of coffee services in Canada, Van Houtte Coffee Services® is committed to offering a range of solutions that meet the needs of its restaurant, hotel, convenience store, service establishment, and other business clients. No matter the industry or the number of employees or customers, Van Houtte Coffee Services® provides comprehensive services that will satisfy any need, from coffee breaks to food service. A one-of-a-kind combination of traditional coffee roasting, technicians and delivery staff, experts who serve our clients across the country, and revolutionary technology makes Van Houtte Coffee Services® the complete and unrivaled solution to your company’s refreshment needs.
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