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K-Cup® pod
Since mid-July 2016, we took on the first steps of our journey to making all K-Cup® pods recyclable by offering the most popular coffee variety in a recyclable K-Cup® pod : The Original House Blend from Van Houtte®. We chose polypropylene #5 plastic for our first step because it is a widely recyclable and desirable plastic throughout Canada. The recyclable K-Cup® pod is initially available on and through our Away from home channel. 
We will continue to roll out additional varieties each year until we reach our goal.  
Please note that K-Mug™ and K-Carafe™ pods are recyclable, and we have our reusable My K-Cup® option.
All our other current K-Cup® pods are made of #7 plastic. We suggest that you check with your local community on recycling options for this type of plastic.
An interesting fact is that in British Columbia, all of our K-Cup® pods are accepted for recycling, through the at-home material collection, if the lid and the filter are removed from the pod.
We continue the conversion to ensure that all K-Cup® pods are recyclable by 2020

We make our bags with an exterior of polylaminate, which is recyclable. The interior aluminum foil is not recyclable – however, it is the only solution that preserves the freshness of the coffee.
The laminated bags do not allow to separate the films for recycling. Van Houtte® is always on the lookout for the latest product packaging processes that minimize the impact on our environment.
Our clients can choose entirely recyclable coffee cans.