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Eddie Van Halen - Master of Electric Guitar

As the lead guitarist of rock band Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen is a master. Discover how Van Houtte is to coffee what Van Halen is to the electric guitar.

Who is Van Halen?

Throughout history, there have been those who were so passionate, driven and innovative, they changed the course of culture. Some can be seen as more than just a man – they are a Van. As a master coffee roaster, Albert-Louis Van Houtte was a member of this extremely exclusive club.

Today, we explore the life of another Van who was also a master of his craft: Eddie Van Halen

Big hair. Big arms. Big riffs.

In the 1980s, electric guitarist Eddie Van Halen was one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. He is still regularly referred to as a “guitar god,” with good reason. The thundering music he creates is as expertly crafted, distinctive and, frankly, steaming hot as a cup of Van Houtte Original House Blend – just as good now as the day it was originally made. This timeless quality is the sign of a true master.

Born Edward Van Halen on January 26, 1955, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, he emigrated to Southern California at a young age. Similarly, Van Houtte came to Montreal from France in the early part of his life. Both the Vans’ achievements could not be contained by borders or continents, with these Europeans going on to achieve international success in the New World.

From legacy to legend

Van Houtte is a legend. He was the first to bring quality roasted beans and café culture to North America. That’s his legacy. As the lead guitarist of his (in)famous eponymous rock band, Van Halen is also a legend. His legacy is still being enjoyed by fans around the globe too, with album sales to the tune of 80 million worldwide.

Despite not being a vocalist, Van Halen’s skills with the strings made him the act’s most famous member. Much like the exhilarating aromas and unmatched flavours of Van Houtte coffee, his guitar solos are immediately recognizable, known for their high speed and elaborate, screeching acoustics

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen is a Van of many talents. He has a college education, is a classically trained pianist and can intuitively learn any song or instrument. He also composes his own music and is a true innovator of instruments, having had three patents at one time. Like Van Houtte, Van Halen is both a master and an inventor.

What makes a Van a Van

Similar to Van Houtte and his importation of European-quality coffee to North America, Van Halen was a disruptor who played to his own tune; he insists that had he taken lessons, he would never be able to play the way he does. He creates sounds with his guitar most can’t, largely through how he positions his hands: he holds his pick between his thumb and middle finger, which opens up his index finger for tapping. 

The result is harmonics and textures that are transformative and transcendent, transporting listeners to a higher plane of music – not dissimilar to the mental and emotional boost you get from a cup of Van Houtte coffee!

Like Eddie Van Halen, Van Houtte is a master and a maverick. His legacy is a coffee that doesn’t follow the standard; instead, he chose to rise above it and raise the volume on quality with exhilarating aromas and unmatched flavours – all since 1919.

What Van Houtte is to coffee, Van Halen is to electric guitar. Now isn’t that music to your ears?

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