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100 Years of Coffee Mastery

When Albert-Louis Van Houtte opened his shop, he just wanted to share his love for great products. His passion carried his dream farther than he could have imagined, and marked the company culture forever..



Albert-Louis Van Houtte, a French immigrant, opens his first grocery store in Montreal and soon concentrates on his one true passion: coffee..



Maison A.L. Van Houtte® quickly carves out a reputation for premium quality products. Yet as a bean lover, Albert-Louis is not satisfied. The European coffee taste he loved so much back home is impossible to find; which is why he decided to buy a roaster and start roasting his own coffee at the back of his shop. This marks the beginnings of the House Blend, which hasn’t changed since. .



Albert-Louis notices that customers come from afar to buy his coffee and gourmet products. He decides to open a second store in Quebec.



Albert-Louis passes away, and his three children, Pierre, Christophe and Lucy take over the family business. They move the family shop to larger premises in the heart of downtown Montreal.



The company opens its first bistro franchise in 1981. The concept is a success and more Van Houtte® bistros open all over Quebec.



Van Houtte® is the most sold premium coffee brand in Canada and the biggest coffee supplier in North America. True to its tradition of challenging the status quo, Van Houtte sells all outstanding shares and becomes a private company. In 2010, Van Houtte® is bought by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®. In 2014, the company changes its name to Keurig® Canada Inc. Two years later, it’s acquired by JAB Holding Company and becomes a private company.